Smart Dating Offers

We not only have offers with the highest EPC, great landers, a dating smartlink, a oneclick registration for email pubs and an amazing API. We also optimize your leads after they signup by cascading and cross-selling and matching the lead based on its criteria with the best inhouse and external offers for the highest payouts!!


We always work on providing the best converting landing pages.


Use our Smartlink to auto optimize your traffic to the best landing pages.


For E-mail Publishers we offer a one-click flow for the best conversion

Smart API

Get full control of the flow and send your leads directly to our smart API

Inhouse Offers

Run our dating offers by sending traffic to our landing pages or though our API. After a user signup our smart cascading technology decides how to best monetize the lead using both internal and external offers. This is only the start of the journey, as we follow by utilising cross-sells to maximise the payouts towards our partners!!

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Referral Program

Share your experiences with industry friends and we will pay you a lifelong 3% kickback on their earnings with us. You can either use the referral link we can provide you with or introduce your friend directly to your affiliate manager.

What others say about us

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-07 om 11.48.53

I’ve been working with the DatingLeads team for a number of years. Trustworthy and professional people which is refreshing as we grow together. Great offers, workable on Revshare and PPL. Plus the team seem to be reachable 24/7. In the past, they have been flexible with payout rates enabling me to take full advantage for growth. Fantastic Relationship! | Robert Steeger, CEO at PRIMUS Media Solutions GmbH

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-07 om 11.48.41

We have been working with these guys for years and I can definitely call them one of my favourite partners. They have been truly helpful, accurate and professional through the years, they have great offers with ultimate design and high conversion rate. This is a long-lasting partnership that we value a lot and will continue growing together in the upcoming years! | Julie Goranova, Sr Sales Manager at Clickdealer Ltd

Schermafbeelding 2020-12-07 om 11.49.39

Brilliant Offers! I am running the offers on a variety of our review sites and other traffic sources. Not only is there a variety of flows to choose from I know that no matter what source I send from, I will be giving the traffic the best chance to monetize possible. The offers and staff are professional and efficient. 100% would recommend. | Rutger, CEO at